YITH WooCommerce Checkout Manager Premium 1.29.0 Nulled

YITH WooCommerce Checkout Manager allows you to customize your checkout page in a sophisticated and powerful way.

What the plugin does

  • You can add an unlimited number of custom fields to your checkout page, display them as simple text fields, radio buttons, checkboxes, or multiple selects, and drag and drop them to rearrange them.
  • You can make your checkout page more user-friendly by customizing the graphical appearance of each field and adding labels and tooltips to assist the user in filling out the form with their information.
  • The standard Shipping, Billing, and Additional notes fields can be customized, and you can choose whether to sort them in one or two columns (default WooCommerce option).
  • You can use Javascript Field Validation to perform a real-time check of the input information in mandatory fields and prompt the user to correct any possible errors before proceeding with the payment.

You can now customize your checkout page in less than 5 minutes!

With YITH WooCommerce Checkout Manager Free Download, you can easily add or remove fields such as text and check box, date picker, select and radio button. You could also change the style of data insertion fields, manage error messages, and change their disposition.

With just a few clicks, you’ll have an essential tool to improve your checkout page’s performance.

With Yith Checkout Manager you can:

  • Choose which fields you wish to display during the checkout process
    Make changes to the shipping, billing, and additional notes fields.
  • Add custom fields to the checkout process
    Create various types of custom fields, such as text or multiple select.
  • Guide your customer through it in a dynamic way
    To display mandatory fields, enable Javascript Field Validation.
  • Customize the look of the checkout page
    Choose the colors, labels, and tooltips you want to show for the checkout fields.
  • Choose the best layout for your checkout
    Use the WooCommerce default style or limit the fields to one column.
  • Choose the position of each field in the checkout process
    You can move the fields around using the Drag & Drop system.
  • Take advantage of the WPML compatibility
    You can easily translate the plugin using the powerful tool provided by WPML.
  • Conditional fields
    Show or hide some checkout fields based on the products/categories/tags in the cart and what the user selects in other checkout fields.

Download YITH WooCommerce Checkout Manager Premium Plugin

Yith WooCommerce checkout manager is a premium WordPress plugin that makes it easier to add and remove fields, text areas, checkboxes, date pickers, select and radio buttons.


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