YITH WooCommerce Multi Vendor / Marketplace Premium 4.14.0 Nulled

YITH WooCommerce Multi Vendor Premium transforms your online store into a marketplace (a multi-vendor platform), allowing you to earn commissions on orders generated by your vendors.

What you can get from it:

  • Starting from your WooCommerce-based shop, quickly and easily create a complex marketplace environment similar to those found on AliExpress, Amazon, and Etsy.
  • Manage your e-commerce store without having to worry about tracking orders, shipping, stock, and so on. Vendors will manage every step of the sale process independently.
  • Create passive income by charging a percentage commission on all sales made by vendors, or users who can publish products in your store.
  • Increase your e-commerce popularity and stability by offering a diverse and ever-expanding catalog.

Create a marketplace and earn passive income from your vendors’ sales

The marketplace solution, or e-commerce store with multiple vendors, is quickly becoming a popular business model on the internet. Consider popular websites such as Etsy, Amazon, Zalando, SHEIN, and AliExpress, which represent the new online shopping trend: a multi-vendor platform that allows customers to choose from a wide range of products and, as a result, reach a larger audience.

You can easily create and manage any type of marketplace with YITH WooCommerce Multi Vendor/Marketplace Nulled. As the owner of a marketplace, you will be able to generate passive income by receiving a commission on each sale. The more vendors you have in your store, the more sales you will have, and thus the more money you will make.

This is a tried-and-true automated system: vendors drive traffic and sales to the store, the marketplace grows stronger and more solid, and the marketplace gains better positioning. This encourages additional vendors to register and join the platform. All of this comes with a significant advantage for you, as you will not be in charge of product or stock management, shipping, returns, or refunds. Your vendors will handle every step of the sale process completely independently.

Create a custom registration form for vendors

The plugin includes a default form that you can modify by adding or removing fields, changing their positions, and making them mandatory.

Approve or reject the new vendors’ applications

When a potential seller fills out the form, a new vendor is added to the “all vendors” list with a “pending” status, and no further action is permitted until the admin manually approves the application. Once the vendor is enabled, he or she will be able to access his or her own dashboard to configure the shop, upload new products, and so on. Would you prefer to avoid this manual process? Simply enable the option to automatically approve newly registered vendors to do so.

Manually add new vendors to your marketplace

You can also manually add new vendors by selecting them from the existing users or creating new users in your store. It’s a simple and straightforward procedure: so simple that mistakes are impossible to make.

Set vendors’ permissions

You will find several options for setting usage rules for your vendors in the “Vendors’ permissions” section. You can, for example, limit the number of products that vendors can publish, decide whether or not they can generate coupons, manage reviews, and so on.

These options give you complete control over what your vendors can do while selling their products in your shop.

Set the vendors’ commissions

Set a global commission rate for all your vendors and decide whether to calculate the commission on the regular or sale price of the product. You can also choose who pays taxes (the administrator or the vendor) and override the global commission rate by specifying a different rate for specific vendors.

Choose how to pay your vendors’ commissions

You can pay your vendors’ commissions manually (via bank transfers or PayPal) or integrate a payment gateway such as PayPal Payouts, Stripe Connect, or Account Funds to automate the payouts. You can also automatically credit the commissions during the checkout process, so that when the order is paid and completed, the vendors’ commissions are paid in real time, by installing any of these plugins.

Let your vendors handle temporary closures of their own shops (due to vacation, sickness, etc.)

Every vendor will be able to temporarily close his/her own shop and show a notice informing customers about the reason, the re-opening date, and more thanks to the built-in “Vendor vacation” module. Vendors can also choose whether to continue selling their goods while the shop is closed or to halt sales and prevent customers from purchasing goods in the meantime.

Let vendors add their own staff members

A new “Staff manager” module, available since version 4.0, allows vendors to create their own store personnel. Based on the permissions granted, each vendor’s staff member can create products, manage orders, and manage the shop.

Let users report issues with a vendor and monitor all reports

If you enable the dedicated option, a “Report abuse” link will appear on every product page, allowing users to click on it, enter their personal information, and explain why they are reporting. Reports can be easily monitored because they are saved in a table that the admin can see in the backend.

Create dynamic messages to show on the vendors’ dashboards

The “Announcements” module, which was added in version 4.0, allows the admin to create custom messages to display on the dashboards of all vendors, specific vendors, or vendors who meet specific requirements.

You can, for example, show a notice only on John Doe’s vendor dashboard and a different notice on the dashboard of all vendors with a certain number of sales or a total sales income; you can also show a custom message only on the dashboard of “featured” or reported vendors, and so on.

Choose the layout and customize the vendor’s store page
YITH WooCommerce Multi Vendor comes with three different layouts for the vendor’s store page: select the one that best suits your shop style and customize the colors, logo size and header image, the vendor’s details to display, and much more.

Monitor commissions, vendors and earnings from the integrated dashboard
Use the advanced dashboard to keep track of your multi-vendor store. Generated commissions, paid or pending commissions, earned earnings, total orders placed, and that’s not all: you can also identify the top-performing vendors (those with the most sales) and the most profitable products from this view (the ones that generate the most commissions).

Use the integration with YITH Frontend Manager for WooCommerce to create an easy-to-use and modern vendor dashboard

Use our Multi Vendor plugin in conjunction with YITH Frontend Manager to hide WordPress and WooCommerce menus that vendors should not see and allow them to manage their own products and commissions from a dedicated dashboard.

Download YITH WooCommerce Multi Vendor / Marketplace Nulled

The YITH WooCommerce Multi Vendor / Marketplace Free Download plugin has recently emerged as one of the most popular WooCommerce multi-vendor plugins.

You can earn passive income from the sales of users who publish their products on your site using the YITH marketplace. You can choose multiple administrators, create product catalogs, and set up specific marketing campaigns with the YITH Multi-Vendor plugin.


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