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YITH WooCommerce Review Reminder Premium was created with the goal of increasing the number of reviews on your shop’s items. Users will receive an email from an automated system inviting them to evaluate one or more things they purchased.

With Mandrill integration, you can control email sending using one of the most dependable email platforms.

What the plugin does

  • You will be able to increase the number of reviews on the products you sell, which will improve your e-commerce image and reputation.
  • You will be able to increase conversions by encouraging users to buy through positive reviews left by satisfied customers (77% of users read reviews before purchasing).
  • It can be integrated with YITH Review for Discount to help you get the most out of customer reviews.

Encourage your customers to write product reviews to boost your online store’s sales

According to market research, 77% of your potential customers read user reviews before buying any of your e-products. commerce’s As a result, getting a favorable review from a devoted customer is essential to increasing sales and building credibility in the online market.

According to market research, reviews are every e-commerce site’s secret weapon because they help to boost conversion rates by as much as 77%. This means that eight out of ten website visitors will only choose to purchase a product after reading reviews left by previous purchasers.

How can you inspire your existing, devoted customers to leave a review, enhancing the authority of your online presence and boosting sales?

It is impossible to get in touch with each of them individually because the operation would be too difficult to handle. When that happens, you can use our YITH WooCommerce Review Reminder plugin to your advantage. It enables you to send an email to your customers asking them to leave reviews for the goods they’ve purchased automatically from the administration panel. swiftly, simply, and effectively.

Choose the products for which you want to ask for a review

Choose whether you want to request reviews for all the items you purchased or just for certain product categories (the most sold, most popular and so on).

Plan the automatic dispatch of the request to your clients

for planning the automatic dispatch of the request following a specific number of days from the product sale.

Manage the email address that should not receive the request

You can keep track of users who have asked to be removed from the review reminder service using the block list panel.

Choose among three professional email templates

Choose one of the three customizable styles from the administration panel to give your request emails a neater, more polished appearance. You can also include pictures of the products your client owns for a clearer email.

Take advantage of Mandrill integration to manage your emails

Create a MailChimp account to quickly automate the creation of personalized reminders.

Track your emails

Likewise, set up ad hoc campaigns for Google Analytics.

Access “Schedule List” tab to have an overview on your scheduled reminders

You can easily delete all of the reminders you’ve scheduled, both past and present, from this page by viewing them all in one tab.

Schedule an email to be sent to all registered orders

You can also request reviews from customers who made purchases from your store prior to installing this plugin.

Create customized email templates

Thank you to YITH WooCommerce Email Templates’ complete compatibility (not included).

Ask your users for consent to send them emails

They will be put on the block list and cease to receive emails if the consent is refused.

Download YITH WooCommerce Review Reminder Premium

To increase the quantity of your reviews, download the plugin right away: Send your customers an email to remind them to leave reviews for the products they purchased.


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