YITH WooCommerce Role Based Prices Premium 1.28.0 Nulled

YITH WooCommerce Role Based Prices Nulled Premium is a WooCommerce plugin that allows you to automatically show different prices to your users based on the WordPress role they have on your site. By creating different prices for the same product, you will be able to easily increase or decrease regular product prices.

What you can gain from it:

  • You will easily and quickly manage prices reserved for vendors or partners.
  • Users with a specific user role will be able to hide prices and the add to cart button.

A good way to show your users the correct price

When vendors form a partnership with you, they expect to be able to purchase on your site with a dedicated price list, without too much difficulty, and without having to exchange an unlimited number of emails or phone calls with the administration for each order.

This would jeopardize the beneficial collaboration, and your user might prefer another store.

The same thing happens with other customer types, such as shop managers, partners, or customers who buy in bulk. They anticipate something from you.

It would be nice to be able to apply and display the correct price for each user role in your shop after their authentication.
Our “Role-based prices” make this possible in an extremely quick and simple manner.

In order to have complete control, you could also choose to display the price (regular, on-sale, or role-based) or add to cart button for each individual user role.

YITH WooCommerce Role Based Prices Premium Free Download does not support the creation of new roles. It only manages those that are already available. You can, however, create new roles by using the free Members plugin.

With Yith Woocommerce Role Based Prices You Can:

  • Apply a role-based rule to some specific products
    And apply the rule to all products, not just those in specific categories or tags.
  • Create role-based rules
    Set specific purchase conditions for registered users in your shop.
  • Mark product price up or down
    Users on your site are assigned roles based on their roles.
  • Show a custom message
    If no available prices are displayed
  • Show one or more prices to each user role
    Regular, on-sale, or role-based pricing
  • Select any user role
    Integrated with the help of a dedicated plugin such as ‘Members’
  • Combine more than one price rule
    And, for example, apply a double discount to specific users only.
  • Make your shop a catalog
    By preventing certain user groups from purchasing
  • Show tax included price
    By selecting to apply the action to each shop user role
  • Assign customized labels to prices
    Also, distinguish the role price from the retail price.
  • Provide a different message
    If prices are concealed from users
  • Choose the price on which to apply the rule
    “Sale price” or “Regular price”
  • Show the price of a different user role
    Tell the customer how much he would pay if he changed user types.
  • Regardless of whether you use Aelia or WooCommerce Currency Switcher (WPML)
    Product prices per user role can be automatically converted into the currency that your users see.

Download YITH WooCommerce Role Based Prices Premium Nulled

Set and display different product prices based on the user role.


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