YITH WooCommerce Uploads Premium 1.22.0 Nulled

YITH WooCommerce Uploads Premium nulled is the ideal solution for shops that rely on printed products, as well as those that require users to upload attachments. Users will be able to choose the t-shirt they want and send the image they want to be printed on it in a nice and simple way, easily getting the product they imagined without even leaving their computers.

YITH WooCommerce Uploads free download can add value to your store by printing calendars, sports clothing, customizing coffee cups, posters, or creative frames.

All of these have one thing in common: you provide the basic product, and users decide how to finish it. And with the YITH WooCommerce Uploads features, everything becomes simpler and more straightforward. For both you and them.

What you can gain from it:

  • Customers can request a custom product by attaching PDF files, documents, images, graphics files, and so on to their order.
  • You will be able to easily manage custom orders by receiving files and information sent by the user and attaching them directly to the order page of your e-commerce (rather than exchanging emails with the user to send files outside the site).
  • You will be able to choose whether or not to accept the attached file and initiate communication with the user via the order (useful to ask for further details, provide additional instructions, give feedback about the order, etc.)

Allow Your Customer To Customize Their Orders

The ability to customize your orders is an advantage that provides users with something that others do not have. Allow them to upload images, text documents, or any other file using YITH WooCommerce Uploads to meet your and your customers’ needs!

The goal of this plugin is straightforward: to assist you in managing your e-commerce site. YITH WooCommerce Uploads is what you need if you want to allow users to customize the T-shirts you sell with an image or text, if you need specific signed documents, or if you want to let users upload a specific file for orders that involve customizations.

Consider how uneasy it would be to receive all of those files via email: it could easily cause chaos, and you could lose all of your customers’ attachments — who would not be pleased to receive a printed T-shirt with someone else’s image. Fortunately, YITH WooCommerce Uploads solves this problem by allowing the upload of any file and organizing orders and related attachments in a neat manner, leaving no room for confusion!

With Yith Woocommerce Uploads Premium You Can:

  • Accept or reject attachments
    Manage user files and, if necessary, give them another chance to upload a new file.
  • Recognize products immediately
    Attachments for a specific product can be uploaded by your customers from the cart or the “Thank You” page.
  • Split items of the same product in a cart
    Allow users to upload unique files for each of them.
  • Link the attachments to the entire order
    If you do not need to link them to a specific product,
  • Decide how many files to attach
    Choose or deactivate the feature to attach files to specific products based on your needs.
  • Allow file removal
    Set the order status to allow users to still change their attachments and give them the freedom to do so!
  • Add notes to attached files
    You and your customers can add notes to provide more information and achieve the desired result.
  • Send messages to your users
    You can send messages from the WooCommerce order detail page thanks to a quick email system.
  • Send an email notification
    Inform your users whether their files were accepted or declined.
  • Ask for attachments from different pages on your site:
    Page of the cart, checkout, or “Thank you”
  • Choose how to save files
    Sort them by order ID or order number to make it easier to find them!
  • Hide the upload button on products that do not require attachments
    So that your users do not incorrectly upload an unnecessary document.

Download YITH WooCommerce Uploads Premium

Allow your customers to purchase customized products by attaching and uploading files during the checkout process.


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